Andrew Pyott

Creative graphic designer and copywriter

Born in a small town in dark and gloomy England in 1984, it wasn’t long before my parents decided to whisk me off to somewhere slightly warmer. They opened a bar on the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain, when I had barely started talking so luckily I became fluent in both languages. When I came of age, I decided to take on Media Studies at the University of Málaga. It was here that I fell in love with all kinds of graphic design, and ended up doing a Master’s Degree in Computer Animation once I had finished.

In 2007, I moved to Madrid looking for work. I tried my hand at a few different things before finally settling at my current job as a Junior Art Director at G2 Spain (Grey Group). In my spare time, I enjoy creating all kind of proyects (like my blog on living in Madrid, Viviendo Madrid); trying my hand at Photography or even completing the odd freelance job.

I live with my wife Yanina, our children, Oliver and Amelia, and Picasso, our cat.