I’ve always had a fascination with Lego. The first set I remember having was a firestation. When I was a little older, I moved on to Lego Technic (a mix between Mecano and Lego), which I became truly fascinated with. Probably the last time I actually played with a Lego set was around my sixteenth birthday, but even though I’ve grown older, I haven’t ever really lost touch with it (I guess it’s what you get when we grow up as big kids). Recently a friend bought me a cool Star Wars themed Lego keyring, which is when I got thinking: “How come there aren’t any spanish themed Lego figurines?”.

With this in mind, I started working on a new set of figurines inspired on “typical spanish” characters. That’s where are first figures come into play: el Quijote, the Gas Man and a football player with the new spanish strip (it even has a little star).


Lego – Made in Spain

  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator

Personal Project


February, 2012

Final Artwork

All of the previous images have been modelled in Maya, use textures that were created in Illustrator and are then finally composed in Photoshop.


You can watch this video in High Definition on Vimeo, on YouTube or by downloading it directly to your hard drive here (right click, save as).